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A place where several passions intersect!

Tourism, mindfulness, quietude, and placidness here…. The grand orchestration of Bodhivann jungle camp welcomes you!

Bodhivann jungle camp strives to create a space that gives you a unique experience and also fosters an appreciation for nature. Even after the generations the experience of exposing to this adventure amidst nature never falls down. This resort in Tadoba emerges yourself into nature you can breathe in the soothing calmness of the natural world.

Profound impact on your entire well-being!

Unplugging from the hectic burdens of civilization, the Bodhivann jungle camp is situated near Chimur and hence it is easily accessible for you to Navegaon and the kolara safari entry zones. Also, it is situated towards kolara in the Tadoba Andhari tiger reserve. You will feel the comforting effect here will amaze you with the magnificent wonder present in this place. A sheer delight will be faced while you enter into the dense forests of Tadoba and the tents placed here are ultimately cozy and gives you the experience that you needed.

Behold the beauty of nature ‘entering’ via all the ‘entry gates’ for the Tadoba jungle safari and the booking assistance will be provided by Nature Sprouts wherein the AC transfers facility will also be provided from Nagpur, Chandrapur. The trees breathe and afford you the mind relaxation that you require for now. The Tadoba jungle safari gives you an experience where you can cheer up and bring strength to your body and soul alike – which will also play in to heal you out faster.

Surrender yourself into the Earths’ intelligence where you can rise up rooted like the trees planted. Who takes this on their shoulders?

Nature Sprouts’ will help you to carry lots of memories from this place by assisting you right from the bookings. Forest wilderness will surely help you to rejoice the beauty in nature, whereas you can reach Nature Sprouts to lead things forward. We help you with all the services related to bookings, accommodation and for the safari bookings as well. Receive far more than you seek with us!

This is what it is to be happy!

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