Jungle Safari in Tadoba : Find yourself and rule your minds in jungle & explore
Tadoba Jungle Safari

Jungle Safari in Tadoba : Find yourself and rule your minds in jungle & explore

Have you ever dreamed of taking a jungle kit and exploring many jungle places?

Well, now you all be ready to get jungled up!

This overgrown place is full of wild tangles and completely aligned with vegetation all around. The Tadoba Andheri tiger reserve in Nagpur is a place bringing ‘emotion with recognition’.  If you need to bring magic sparks in your eyes, the Tadoba safari warms you with the whole good climate and just jungle mammals! No way away!

Across 1727 sq.km you can give a treat to your eyes with the greenish and lush places everywhere… Actually, do you know something?

The human existence itself is a social jungle. In this existence in the jungle, there won’t be any human without having a sense of identity. We can learn many things from the jungle environment. One needs to maintain their identity in a concrete way – as concrete as a jungle.

When you think that you need to feel this concreteness, then you can give a visit to the Tadoba jungle safari and book the hotels and resorts in Tadoba. There is a unique human habit – the humans can feel or smell or taste anything when they think about it, as all our six senses is connected. Since we are talking about jungle, do you feel like smelling flowers or animals around!!


The dense Tadoba national park and the Bodhivann jungle camp contains variety of flora like Teak, Arjun, Bamboo, Bheria, Black Plum, Ain, Bija, Tendu, Beheda, Hirda, Hald, Salai, Semal, Mahua Madhuca and many more. People will usually love to watch 7D animations, since it brings reel into real life experience. Yes! That’s what you will experience lively here…

You can book via the Tadoba online safari booking and the Tadoba jungle safari booking using to enjoy this lifelong experience. Okay, now one more question!

Have you ever felt about inertia?

There is a finding that situations are more different in the jungle. When you enter a jungle village, the inertia you will feel will be entirely different. Even if you wait for your entire life there in the Tadoba jungle enjoying the Tadoba safari and stay at Tadoba in Bodhivann jungle camp, you still can’t get everything high!

Just imagine….

You are surrounded only by trees and the most peaceful and beautiful lush spaces. With the sounds of royal big cats and thrilling tigers all around you will hear the birds chirping sounds. Scared or enjoying? Don’t worry about the stay and assistance. You can book your stay in the hotels and resorts in Tadoba, one of which is the Bodhivann jungle camp. You can avail few super exciting resorts near navegaon gate and some resorts near kolara gate.

Let’s frequent the forest… The fragrant, startling and mystical presence of flora and fauna in the Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve will rule your mind.

“Hey, let’s go for the Tadoba jungle safari and explore more!” She called her kids and family and ran through the woods to enter the wilderness. “Oh! That is the tiger out there and the wild cat”, she showed to her kids. “Luna, come here and look into the majestic tiger sightings with other species like hort Toed Snake Eagle, Crested Serpent Eagle, Oriental Honey Buzzard, Grey Headed Fish Eagle, Pallas Fish Eagle, Ospray, Brown Fish Owl, Spot Bill Duck, Rudy Cell Duck, Pin Tail, and many others”, “Luna don’t mistake me if the names were wrong, LOL” she shouted and excited looking into these creatures.

If ‘she’ is into the woods and when are you going into the woods – Tadoba National park in Nagpur.

Of course, not alone! Nature sprouts will help you throughout the journey and makes your trip much pleasant with your stay in the Bodhivann jungle camp!

You need to ask the question – why particularly Bodhivann jungle camp?

This is located nearby the Tadoba national park which is of close proximity whereas this resort provides you jungle camp and a luxury tent resort in Tadoba. This is centrally located with an equal distance for Navegaon safari zone in Tadoba and Kolara safari zone in Tadoba. It is actually in the middle of Tadoba Andheri tiger reserve (TATR) core and this is the reason we recommend people to stay here. The Tadoba accommodation is also made in such a fashion that you will never have hearts to ‘leave the place’…. You can also avail many other special activities here in this resort and you can visit Hemalkassa (Animal Orphanage) – that is even more exciting.

Maybe this jungle inspired me a lot! When are you just – into this jungle safari in Tadoba Tiger Reserve?

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