List of birds in Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve

List of birds in Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve

Wildlife sanctuaries in India are a paradise for nature and wildlife lovers. And so is this the ‘Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve’ this park hosts variety of residential and migratory birds and is considered as one of the largest national park of Maharashtra to observe exotic birds and other birds of India. Located in Chandrapur and Chimur District of Maharashtra. It’s a hub for the wildlife explorers and photographers. This attracts tourists, birders in different seasons. The bird kingdom here is also endowed with a variety of species like Spotted dove, Red collered dove, Ring dove, Rose ring parakeet, Plum headed parakeet, Alexandrian perakeet, Indian silver bill, Red avdavet, Scale breasted muniya etc. This is the right place for travelers to experience and admire the wilderness and the miracles and colorful beauty of nature.

birds are one of the most beautiful creation of God on our planet. With a rich array of colors, a widely varying display of plumage, and an unmatched ability to compose a symphony of melodious songs, birds of all species easily capture our collective attentions.

Life cycle of Birds
When a immature becomes a mature or adult bird. An adult bird attracts a mate, builds a nest and then the process starts again. Eggs are laid by female birds from 1 to as many as 17. Eggs are incubated by one or both parents differs for each bird. This process is done until the embryo inside has developed a chick and ready to hatch. Some birds migrate or travel long distances as part of their life cycle are called as migratory birds. Other birds stay in one area throughout the seasons are known as residential birds. You can book Jungle Safari Packages Tadoba to see this beautiful birds of Tadoba.

Few famous seen birds in tadoba Tiger Reserve during tadoba Jungle safari are as follows:

Spoted dove
Red collered dove
Ring dove
Rose ring perakeet
Plum headed perakeet
Alexandrian perakeet
Indian silver bill
Red avdavet
Scale breasted muniya
Orange headed thursh
Common king fisher
White breasted kingfisher
Paid kingfisher
Chest nut shoulder pitroniya
Peradies flycatcher
Tickles blue flycatcher
Common iora
Tony pipit
Black red start
Ashy crown sparrow lark
Singing bush lark
Zinting cisticola
Black hooded orial
Golden orial
1.pond heron
2.Cattle egreat
3.Cinamon bitten
4.Common iora
5.Black red start
6.little egreat
7.Scele breasted muniya

  1. Red muniya
  2. Baya weaver bird
  3. Indian silver bill
  4. Rufous tree pai
  5. white throted kingfisher
  6. Common kingfisher
  7. Orange headed thrush
  8. Tickles blue flycatcher
  9. Red throated flycatcher
  10. Peradies flycatcher
  11. Spoted dove
  12. Ring dove
  13. Barn owl
  14. brown fish owl
  15. Oriental hony buzzard
  16. White eyed buzzard
  17. pedyfield pipet
  18. Tony pipet
  19. Black red start
  20. Jungle babler
  21. Tailer bird
  22. Ashy priniya
  23. Jungle priniya
  24. plane priniya
  25. Rufous tailed lark
  26. Ashy crown sparrow lark
  27. Chest nut shoulder pitroniya
  28. little green bee eater
  29. Indian night jar

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