Memorable visit to Bodhivann Tadoba

Memorable visit to Bodhivann Tadoba

Wild & Pristine Nature (Aarushi Gupta)

Being surrounded by Nature evokes feelings that take us back through time and infuses a calm and tranquil that invigorates all our senses.

Additionally, if you have an affinity for wildlife, you are likely to have cherished the feeling of adrenaline rushing through your body, as the animal you have been longing to witness, finally emerges from the bushes….nonchalantly striding with the air of a showman or bursting through the trees chasing its meal or saving itself from becoming one!!  An encounter between a protective Mumma Sloth Bear & a curious Tiger cub, has provided many photo opportunities and thrilling moments to the park visitors, in the Tadoba national reserve.

Your choice of Tadoba resort to unwind after a Tadoba Safari, enjoy wholesome food and personalized service is equally important.

Nature’s Sprout Bodhivann Jungle Camp, Best Resort in Tadoba is not just another resort — it is the perfect blend of simplicity and luxury. The resort is located adjacent to the buffer zone of the Tadoba-Andhari Tiger Reserve. It’s almost is a part of the jungle — made on a beautiful property adorned with lotus ponds and vibrant greenery. The tents are furnished with Comfortable beds, Luxury bathrooms and Air conditioners. As the night falls, the sounds of nature from the jungle seep through the canvas walls lulling you to sleep. After a restful sleep, the fresh morning dew on the grass, leaves & lotuses will welcome you to a new day of adventure & thrill.


Getting back to Nature & Tranquility

It was early October of 2019 and with the rains ebbing, I woke up one morning with an urge to make a trip to Bodhivann. My Dad & his friends had built this tented resort last year and I had last come here with a few class-mates in late April. That time though the sun was strong, through the heat & dust of the magnificent Tadoba forest reserve, I saw wildlife to my full satisfaction, as they congregated around the water holes to quench their thirst.

With a never fail puppy face, I managed an itinerary that got me to Bodhivann late afternoon around 4 pm with 2 other friends. We entered the resort gate accompanied by a slight drizzle. Petrichor – that magnificent descriptor of the smell of fresh and wet earth, permeated my senses. The crisp air, verdant surroundings and the sense of ownership, led me to take the deepest breath of the last 6 months.

A Lemony drink, a refreshing wet towel and familiar faces welcomed us to our tent. After freshening up, we went for a round of the property.

The mound between the tents was greener and higher, with a Neem tree holdin root firmly on top. The Organic kitchen garden had a few Spinach, tomato & Brinjals ready to be plucked for our dinner.

The Quarter Moon Pond was full of Lotus blooms, each of which seemed to be competing to show themselves to a discerning guest. We had Chai & Pakodas in the village style rustic Café on the other side of the Honeymoon bridge. We were shown a new feature – a tunnel of green trees, leading to a secret sit out behind the staff room.

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As the darkness set in, we were called to the reception area for an experience that was unique and will stay with us for a long time. We were told to remain silent – we held our breaths and waited. Almost to the clock at 6:30 pm, a herd of Deer walked up to the Gol Pond, a water body about 50 meters from where we were sitting. Closely behind them were a few Wild Boars. They jostled with each other to find space to drink water. A few baby deer pranced about waiting for their turn. We watched mesmerized, till someone sneezed and the animals took off in alarm!!

An elaborate dinner with attentive service awaited us – a salad of freshly plucked vegetables and the tandoori chicken were the highlights. We retired that night reluctantly, knowing we would leave for Nagpur airport the next morning. Contact for more details

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